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 Sadeddin Contracting Company was founded as a family business in Nablus – Palestine. It is privately held and owned by Sadeddin family. The Corporate Headquarters is located in Amman – Jordan with satellite offices strategically placed best to serve our customers in Palestine and Sudan We have the necessary personnel, equipments, expertise and financial wherewithal to handle a broad range of projects.
In 1994 Sadeddin contractors Registered as a Building Construction Contractor under the title of Majd Contracting Company and performed several iconic projects in Palestine ,Jordan and Sudan.
In 2001 Majd Contracting Company joined forces with a well known general contractor in Jordan (Masar United Contracting Company) bringing with them their father to son experience in a building skills and executed many mega projects in Jordan .
The main activities of Majd Contracting Company include Skeleton works, Finishing Works as well as Electro-Mechanical works.

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Mission , Vision and Values



We are dedicated to provide high quality services through a better understanding of our clients’ needs to add value to our clients and build a long term mutually beneficial relationship.


Participate in leading the construction and real estate development in the Middle East region


Excellence: we seek the highest standards by utilizing the latest technology in the construction industry in order to achieve our clients’ satisfaction
Teamwork: we support integrity, teaming and collaboration to achieve our core objectives and satisfy our clients.
Safety: we dedicate our full support and endeavor to achieve the highest safety precautions and healthy environment in all our projects. 

Resources & Equipment


Majd Contracting Co. has a vast number of well qualified and experienced management, engineering, administration and technical capabilities to accommodate all kinds of projects. Majd Contracting Co. are well equipped with the latest models of equipment available in the market and state of the arts in building equipments that includes DOKA formwork system, PERI formwork system and enjoys the reputation of having a fleet of modern machinery to meet today’s challenges in building construction industry.


Majd Contracting Company  performed several iconic projects in Palestine,Jordan,Saudi Arabia and Sudan.  

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Company functional structure


affiliated companies


- Majd Industrial and Trading was established in 1994 as a family business in  Nablus – Palestine. It is privately held and owed by Sadeddin Family; it’s a leading company in the field of concrete products industries and wood trading.

- Majd Industrial and Trading aims to stay a pioneers in this field by      continually expanding our production capacity and range of products to offer contractors in Palestine a  greater choice of concrete products and wood types , at competitive prices.

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- The Assurance of Quality: Majd Industrial products according to Palestinian Specifications which meet international standers.

-Color and Design: Majd Industrial help clients select the design, color and strength of blocks and interlocking tiles .

- Delivery Assured: Majd Industrial and trading delivers its products by its trucks equipped with lifting cranes.


- Our Fully automated main production facility located in Nablus - Palestine, with a production capacity of 9000 Blocks , 625 m2 of interlock and 2400 m of Curbstone per 8-hour shift.


- Our Company provide hard wood , soft wood,sheet materials, value added products for the timber construction and furniture industry.

We offer useful advise and unique  integrated approach that can help you quality and services in our show room located in Al hisba Industry Zone - Nablus  


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Kingdom Of Jordan

Astra Plaza - Building No.137 - 11th Floor

Al-Sharif Hussein Street, Amman, Jordan

Tel +962 6 4656353 Fax +962 6 4656356 Mobile +962 79 9477992 P.O.Box 840398 Amman11181 Jordan Email info@majdcontracting.com www.majdcontracting.com


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