karam sadeddin

When Majd Contracting Company started almost 50 years ago, with a handful number of employees, we never envisioned it becoming the company it is today.

Throughout this time the company has evolved from being a residential construction company to becoming true leader in the construction building for a number of sophisticated and challenging projects in Jordan, Palestine and Sudan.

At Majd, we recognize the value of communication and the complexities of the building industry. We do our utmost to guide our clients through the construction process with a high degree of comfort. Our expertise brings sound, practical knowledge to the table and we take great pride in helping others realize their vision. Our team provides a high degree of sophistication to assist with a wide range of projects.

Passion, integrity and experience – these are reflective of Majd corporate values. We have assembled a team of professionals that complement the foundation on which we have based our philosophy.

We value respect, honesty, and commitment – key factors in being able to develop strategic alliances with those we work with. Majd provides you value through unmatched service, competitive pricing and quality construction. Client satisfaction is our priority.

I thank you for taking the time to read about our company and our ongoing commitment to build and develop excellent products for our valued clients.

Karam A. Sa’deddin